The Foreign Analyst is seeking contributions from scholars, students and journalists with strong analytical and writing skills along with regional expertise relevant to the topic they choose to cover. We will notify you within two weeks regarding the approval of your contribution.

The Topics covered by TFA include:

If your topic does not fit in these categories, we advise you to contact us prior to submitting your contribution.

Publishing Guidelines

For all contributions, sources should be acknowledged using in-line hyperlinks or in-text references when online sources are not available (eg. As John Rawls says in his 1971 book ‘A Theory of Justice’…). Contributors are encouraged to provide pictures, graphs or other figures with their articles as long as they are their legal owners or if these media files are free of copyright restriction (eg. Wikimedia Commons). Please note that cover pictures will be formatted to 1170 x 530 pixels.

TFA publishes analytical articles and blog posts:

Analytical Articles

Analytical articles should be between 1,800 and 2,500 words, covering a well-framed and relevant topic in the field of international security.

Contributors should follow, as closely as possible, the following guidelines:

Blog Posts

Blog Posts are 700 to 900 word pieces covering current developments in the field of international security. Blog Posts should fit into one or more of the topics covered by TFA.


To submit your contribution to the editorial board, please email it to, in a word format.