The Foreign Analyst (TFA) is an online magazine focusing on international security, founded in September 2017. It brings together passionate analysts and writers with regional expertise.

Who we are:

We are young analysts from around the world, both concerned and passionate about international security.

What we do:

We write about security issues ranging from terrorism to WMDs. In each issue, The Foreign Analyst discusses a specific theme chosen based on current affairs and the regional and topical expertise of our contributors. We also publish occasional blogs covering some of the most pressing security issues.

Why we think it matters:

While all too often unemployed and commonly described as a lazy entitled generation, we, the millennials, are nonetheless inheriting the world that our elders have left us. We believe that international security is our concern as much as it is theirs and intend to do our very best to take part in the discussion around these questions. We believe that facts and analytical methodology matter, especially in the age of social media. We believe that our futures are bound regardless of our origins or national boundaries and that international cooperation is key when dealing with security issues. These are our values, and The Foreign Analyst is our platform!


Contributors to TFA‘s work include members of the Editorial Board along with external contributors selected by it. TFA welcomes external contributions as long as they match the publishing guidelines.

The Foreign Analyst retains all rights on its content according to its Terms of Use.

We wish you a pleasant journey with us in the field of international security!

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